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C&EN is the authoritative B2B news source serving the pharmaceutical, life sciences, industrial chemicals and instrumentation industries.

Our C&EN BrandLab studio partners with you to craft and share stories that appeal to these scientifically minded audiences around the world.

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At C&EN BrandLab we build custom programs that bring your big idea to life. Our strategic process involves you from start to finish with constant optimization.


You tap into our data.


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Increasing Brand Affinity with Compelling & Interactive Content

Following a successful collaboration with C&EN BrandLab in 2017 on the The Chemours Company’s native series, “The Future of Chemistry”, the company knew a content strategy would increase brand affinity in 2018.

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Anton Paar wanted to showcase themselves as a market leader and innovator in several niche application areas, measuring zeta-potential. Specifically, they needed to demonstrate to potential buyers the capabilities and value propositions of three different highly complex instruments, all used in similar application areas.

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怎么加速进国外网站_电脑进国外网站加速_能进外国网站的 ...:Cloudflare网站访问需要验证码的解决办法 网友@bill问道:用了cloudflare的cdn,打开网站经常遇到要输入验证码才能正常浏览的情况,这个怎么解决呢。 cloudflare是国外著名的免费cdn提供商,很多国人搭建的外贸网站为了提速,都使用的cloudflare加速功能。

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使用Zenmate插件解决海外国内网站打开慢 - 远方的海:2021-5-3 · Zenmate「禅友」是一款Chrome插件,它的功能是「隐私保护」,也就是说帮你隐藏本机的IP,实际上Zenmate也变相的提供了一个VPN的翻墙功能来加速海外网速。PS,国内这种插件当然已经被我朝政府和谐了,国外是可以用滴…

Scientists rely on the C&EN newsmagazine and cen.acs.org for research and analysis to do their jobs. C&EN’s integrated network with ACS Publications and the American Chemical Society attracts more than 33 million scientists, engineers and R&D professionals around the globe – an audience that you can’t reach anywhere else. About Us



海外游加速器_海外永久免费软件加速器_神龟加速器官网:2021-2-26 · 海外加速器 - 非凡软件站 2021年2月26日 - 关键字是海外加速器 ,共有相关软件1个,查看更多相关内容 [网游加速] 迅游国际版加速器 v4.4810.18500 更新时间:2021-02-26缩略

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How Brand Perception Influences Buyers in the Chemical and Life Sciences Space

Do you know what drives buyers to purchase your products? What influences buying teams to consider your brand in the first place? We studied these questions and presented our findings in a recent webinar.

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